Claims Page

Instructions for Completing this Form

In cases where either the label or CSI has identified multiple pending or unclaimed line items that are associated with the same Musical Work, these details have been grouped together into a Pending Usage Group record.  Each Pending Usage Group record corresponds to a single CSI work record, and in cases where CSI has identified the musical work, then details of the matched work will be included.

Please note that when you make a claim, it will result in claims against all individual line items that are contained in the Pending Usage Group.  If you wish to limit the claim you are submitting to only certain line items within the Pending Usage Group, you can provide additional information identifying any line items you wish to exclude from your claim in the “Additional Claim Instructions and Exclusions” section of the Claim Page.

Enter Claim Details and Submit

Select the Publisher Accounts on whose behalf you wish to make a claim.  If they do not appear in the first grid in this section, then you can add them in one of two ways.  You can select an existing Publisher Account that is registered under your administration from the drop down list in the second section.  You will be required to add the Collection Share for this publisher and, optionally, the writer(s) associated with this account.  Pressing the “Add” button will then add this information to the first grid of available publisher accounts for which you can submit a claim.

If the Publisher Account you are looking for does not appear in the drop down list, you can input the details directly into the third section, including the Account Name and Collection Share.  Here, again, writer information can be provided for the associated publisher account.  Pressing the “Add” button will populate these details into the first grid so that you can select the publisher account to submit your claim.

Note that any new Publisher Accounts and related shares that you add to a work will be validated by CSI and in order to be updated in our system.  If any information is unclear or conflicts with existing information that we have on file, we may contact you for further clarification.