Detailed Search Instructions

Distribution:  Allows you to select a specific distribution quarter for which royalties were paid to CSI. The default “All” allows you to search across all available distributions.  The description will outline if the distribution contains details related to payments made to the CSI Licensing Trust (for Post-2012 Products) or for the Group III Settlement period.

Pool:  Allows you to select a specific Licensee.  The default “All” allows you to search across all available Licensees.

Value:  Allows you to filter your search by track value of (High, Medium, Low or All). The default “All” will search across all available values.  (See FAQ for more information on how Values are calculated.)

Release Date:  Allows you to select a specific release date or range of dates.  Use the calendar tool to set the date range or leave blank to search across all Release dates.

Search By:  Provides you with a list of specific search criteria to tailor your search, including: Work Title, Album Title, Composer etc.  The default “All” allows you to search across multiple criteria.

Search Type:  Applies to text based searches (e.g. Work Title).  Options include:  Exact Match, Begins With or Fuzzy (using Fuzzy Logic to search for any instance of the search criteria).

Search For:  Input search word, phrase or number that relates to the Search By criteria selected.   You may also use a wildcard “%” symbol in your search string, although this may result in longer processing times to complete your search. When searching using specific numeric identifiers (Catalogue Number, UPC, Work #), search results may vary due to the possible existence of leading zeroes in CSI’s data; ex. Work Number 123456 vs 00123456. If you encounter difficulty in obtaining results for number-based searches, you can input a wildcard (%) symbol in front of the number, and your search will return any matching number that contains the string that you input as the final set of digits.  Note: “Search For” is a required field.

Show XX Entries:  Allows you to set the number of search results returned per page.

The Search button will initiate your search.

*For “Other” User Types Only: If you have registered with a user type of “Other”, meaning that you act on behalf of multiple accounts that are not directly related (as a law firm, management company, etc), then your ability to view and submit claims is restricted to the client account which you have selected on your home page.  In order to change the selected account so that you are able to view share information that is specific to that publisher/writer, and to then submit claims on their behalf, you can do this by using the radio buttons next to the accounts on your home page and pressing the “Save” button after making your selection.