If you are visiting the Claims Website for the first time, please refer to the information below about user accounts and how to register.

  • To go to the User Registration form, click here.

User Registration Information: Please be aware that you will be required to provide certain identifying and contact information upon registration.  Please read carefully the instructions in each of the four sections below before proceeding. CSI will review your registration submission within 48 hours, on average.

User Types

Registration for access to the Claims Website is open to all rights holders or those acting on their behalf.  You will be required to select a user type for the site, by identifying yourself as only one of the following:
  • Writer: Authors/composers of musical works
  • Publisher: Music publishers, either self-administered or acting in the capacity of an administrator of multiple music publishing catalogues
  • Other: Entities such as law firms, management companies, or other third party administrators who represent multiple unrelated accounts/parties. You will be required to separately identify each account/party that you represent in order to view details related to each of those individual accounts.
  • Record Label: The user type of Record Label is reserved strictly for use by major record companies to gain access through the secure portal to CSI work information.
Please also take note of the following information in the event that you determine there are royalties that can be claimed for your share of a work:
  • If you are an author, composer, music publisher or collective society represented by SODRAC in Canada, SODRAC is the party entitled to claim your portion of the royalties on your behalf.
  • If you are an author or a composer signed to a music publishing agreement applicable to Canada, and not otherwise represented by SODRAC, your Canadian music publisher is the party entitled to claim your portion of the royalties on your behalf.
  • If you are a self-published author or composer or a music publisher, and not otherwise represented by SODRAC in Canada, you need to register for a “Publisher” user account to make a claim.  If you have not previously registered this type of account with CSI, we will create one for you when you first submit a claim.  The claim submission form will provide further instructions on filling out the form.
  • If you do not fall within any of the above three categories, you need to register for an “Other” user account. This category is intended for users who act on behalf of multiple rights holders (such as a law firm or management company who represent different clients, etc). Your ability to submit and review your claims will be restricted to the client account you have selected on your home page. Note that, in order to change the selected account to view share information specific to a particular publisher/writer, and to then submit claims for that account, you need to select the appropriate radio buttons next to the accounts on your home page and then the “Save” button after making your selection.

Password Requirements

Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters in length, and must contain at least one character that is not a letter or number.

Security Question

You will be required to set your own personalized security question and answer.  The option to change this question/answer at any time is available on your user home page once your registration has been processed.

Supported Browsers

Please note that the Claims Website is optimized for the use of Internet Explorer 8 or 9,  Firefox 11 or Chrome 18. Previous versions of these browsers, or other browsers, may not be fully supported, or may cause some technical difficulties.

Questions: For questions related to CSI, the claims process, or the distribution of the settlement funds, please contact us here.

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