Can CMRRA or SODRAC help me with the research and claims process?

Yes, but only to a limited degree.

On behalf of its affiliated publishers, CMRRA will review the list of items to assert claims for previously issued licences for which royalties were never paid. In those cases, CMRRA will register a claim for payment on those licenses, even in the absence of a claim from the Rightsholder via the Claims Website.  In addition, CMRRA will also attempt to identify any unlicensed works, or portion thereof, on behalf of its clients and, where required, alert them of the items that need to be claimed. As CMRRA is a non-exclusive agency, it cannot determine solely from its own records if a Rightsholder has already been paid directly by the record company. As such, a claim from the Rightsholder via the Claims Website is sometimes necessary to attest to the validity of the claim.

On behalf of its members and the societies it represents, SODRAC will review the list of Medium and High-Value Items and will make a claim to the unpaid royalties on all of the musical works in its repertoire, irrespective of the existence of a mechanical licence, and even in the absence of a claim by the Rightsholder via the Claims Website.

CMRRA and SODRAC’s ability to research the entire list within the given deadlines is limited. This process takes time, as the research involved can be complex and the list of items is long.  It is therefore incumbent upon each Class Member, whether or not represented by CMRRA or SODRAC, to search the list and make claims where applicable. This is the best way to ensure that the maximum attention has been given to claiming your royalties.

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