Post-2012 Products

Post-2012 Products are not subject to the same treatment. There is no value threshold requirement for those items and therefore all items will be available for review and claim by rightsholders regardless of their individual value.

The claims period for these items is dependent on the existence of an Unlocatable Owner’s Licence, as issued by the Copyright Board of Canada pursuant to Section 77 of the Copyright Act.  The terms of such Unlocatable Owner’s Licences provide that accrued royalties remain available to be claimed for a period of five years following the expiry of the applicable licence, which itself has a term of five years.  For additional information on the issuance of Unlocatable Owner’s Licences, please click here.  Where an Unlocatable Owner’s Licence does not exist for the item in question, there is no current time limitation within which the royalties must be claimed.

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