Why are there some fields of recording data that appear blank in the search results of the Claim Unpaid Royalties page?

There are two scenarios that may cause this to occur:

  1. When processing the record company royalty files, CSI relies on certain mandatory identifiers to link the royalty data to the complete set of recording details that was captured from the record company’s licence request for that item.  This information is then displayed on the claims website. In the early royalty reporting periods for the Licensing Trust, some of the record company data either contained incorrect identifiers, or these were missing entirely.  This particular issue is prevalent primarily in the 3Q2013 and 4Q2013 files.  As a result, only the information that was supplied directly in the royalty reporting is available, which is most often a product identifier such as a Catalogue Number or UPC.
  2. Where the record company has included a Balance Forward item in their royalty reporting, there is no associated detail supplied.  This is due to the fact that the Balance Forward is supplied in the royalty file alongside of the musical work as a whole, and is not associated with one particular set of release or recording information.  CSI will process these line items in accordance with the remaining line items that are included in the same Pending Usage Group.
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